NZ Booklovers review 'My Body My Taonga' "My Body My Taonga is an excellent book to help families navigate important conversations about body safety with their children."

What book next?, reviews 'My Body My Taonga' - "An easy to understand body safety toolkit for kids. Excellent!"

NZ Poetry Box reviews 'My Body My Taonga' - "My Body My Taonga is an important educational contribution to further this aim. This is an invaluable asset to share and to discuss in a range of settings, from school to home. Essential."

Bob's Book Blog reviews 'My Body My Taonga' - "This book gives vital information to children that helps them trust their own instincts and know what to do if abuse occurs or already has occurred.....Illustrations by Suzanne Simpson compliment and understand text and message of Rosalind Harrison to create a powerful easy to read book that all children and adults need to be aware of."

MAGPIES MAGAZINE VOLUME THIRTY-EIGHT ~ NUMBER THREE ~ JULY 2023 - Alan Dingley, Palmerston North  - "Being a single father of two (13 +  11yrs) talking about body safety can be a daunting journey to navigate. Coming from a childhood  where the narrative was simple,  ‘Don’t talk to strangers’, this title is  a welcome addition to a kitbag of  resources whānau can use to navigate an ever-changing world. Some  titles can struggle to navigate the  trap of appearing to scaremonger, or  just focus on a single set of concerns. ...The illustrations are bright enough  to make the pages attractive, without pulling focus from the messages. 

The ‘stop / walk / talk’ plan is simple and clear and explained incredibly well around when it may have to  be used, and how. 

Other potential areas of concern  covered are bribes / threats / unsafe  behaviour / lies / secrets, which  sounds like a lot, but each spread  has simple, well-directed information and advice. It’s a great example  of calm, clear coverage of what can  be tricky ground to cover with  young people. 

Author Rosalind Harrison says …'by  having an open and positive attitude  towards body safety conversations we  can educate and empower children.'  Well, this is one dad who feels more educated and empowered by discovering My Body My Taonga.